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We are wholesale imitation jewelry suppliers and we offer variety of fashion jewellery for a women starting from head to toe. Quality guaranteed and If you want to kill the market in designer or bulk manufacturing of jewelry. we are here..|| More details of indian jewellery , indian jewellery wholesale, diamond jewelry suppliers, fashion jewelry suppliers, artificial jewelry suppliers
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Looking out for Dainty Designer pieces of jewelry?

Woman are always looking out for designer pieces of jewelry, they are always in a cryptic situation when it comes for them to shop for their jewelry or clothing. This has eventually led them in a cryptic situation and they always end up buying the same products often. But what if you find designer jewelries with high quality and affordable price? Well, this is something which will want you to shove off everything and run toward the shop or online site which offers such jewelry! Yes, there is a company which not only offers such jewelry but also gives you a privilege to pick women’s jewelry at affordable rates and high quality. As a woman, even I want to buy product over quality! So, we always look out for shops or online sites which can offer us both. Not all the shops or website portal can offer you such jewelry and guarantee that their designs are unique and distinct from others.

Here, this company named Vogue Crafts and Designs pvt ltd has established itself so well in these past …

Amazing ways to make a diamond look larger!

We all love expensive jewelries, and especially when it comes to diamond! We as a woman cannot resist our self from buying such jewelry. We all want to buy expensive clothes or jewelry and all other luxurious things for ourselves. Investing in a diamond could be a great idea though because I know you love those scintillating piece of gemstones, yes! But do you realize there are certain ways through which you can make your diamond look more beautiful and larger from its original size! Whenever you tend to buy diamond ring, you do keep only part of buying the diamond in your head which is the cost. People have a wrong myth in their mind which means that the diamond quality and appearance depends on the price of the gemstone, the appearance of the diamond not only depends on its amount but also depends on various other factors like, setting of the stone, a diamond’s cut and etc. There are certain ways of using these parts of a diamond ring which might help you in buying the right diamon…

Alert! Do not do all these things to your jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most delicate and amusing piece of accessory and many of us despite knowing that we might lose the beautiful artistic piece does the same thing to the piece over and over again. These jewelries are usually so sentimental that we are tempted to wear it all the time, whether it is a necklace you received as a child or your engagement ring. Engagement rings are the most common offenders on this list and in this case it is because by default they are worn every day! Even though they are worn each day, it doesn't mean you have to wear them ALL the time. Yes. That does not mean one has to wear the diamonds each and every day, you can avoid wearing such precious stones for someday. You know how delicate and amusing these pieces are and I am sure you do not want to lose them at any cost because they themselves are quite expensive. So, in case you want to protect your jewelry and take no chance of losing it then you might have to take certain precautions.

Showering y…

10 Type of “Blue” Gemstones, I doubt you knew existed!

Color is the king for any gemstone. If we talk about the color of gemstone, Blue is a rare and amazing color. Also give anyone a royal look instantly! There are always a variety of colors available for anyone in a gemstone. One may choose according to the color or prize of the gemstones. Blue is the color of wisdom and royalty, this color is rarely found in food also. It is mostly seen in the sky and ocean. The most well known gemstone of all is “Blue sapphire”, as we all know. But only knowing that this blue sapphire is the only one gemstone which has a blue color is completely wrong because there are a lot of other gemstones possessing the same color. We never think beyond diamond or blue sapphire! Do we? No, but there are other jewelries which are precious and quite expensive compared to diamond. People might find that diamond is quite cheap in front of them. So, if you are limiting your jewelry to just blue sapphire then let me tell you there is much more to explore in the same a…

Why is Indian imitation jewelry considered the best worldwide?

Imitation jewelry is the parts of Fashion jewelry only, it is just that this jewelry is more filled with sparkles and glitters and is a kind of replica of gold and diamond jewelry. This has gained popularity over real jewelry day by day; the main reason behind that elegant look is the affordable price. Imitation jewellery is made from precious metals and stone which are very much popular amongst the females. Today Imitation Jewelry has created itself as one of the most important jewelry in the fashion market. Basically imitation jewelry is jewelry for the people who cannot afford high priced jewelry or are looking for a classy and graceful jewelry at a reasonable price. The Designs and finish offered by this jewelry is same as provided by the real diamond or gold jewelry. The only difference is the quality and stones which are used in this jewelry.

India has established itself as one of the leading business in imitation jewelry, this jewelry which is largely made of brass, cast iron,…

How to Choose your Bridal Jewelry According to your Skin Tone!

Wedding is approaching? And are you still confused about the color of the lehanga which one to buy or if that would suit my skin tone or not? Don’t be confused you can check which color would suit your skin tone the best. So, this time you can put your hand over any other color than red if that does not suit your skin tone. Weddings are all about colorful jewelry and cloths for women so grab this opportunity and suit the best for you. There is always something fresh and girly about a soft pink, something modern about gold, and earthy about orange that is just so hard to resist! So while you are on your bridal outfit hunt, here are those few things you can keep in mind according to your skin tone, and one does not have to worry about the skin tone which she has. God has made you beautiful and maybe you were supposed to look more beautiful with the skin color you have right now! Scroll down and check the skin tone you have and the matching colors to suit your skin!

Fair complexion: