Thursday, March 16, 2017

Amazing ways to make a diamond look larger!

We all love expensive jewelries, and especially when it comes to diamond! We as a woman cannot resist our self from buying such jewelry. We all want to buy expensive clothes or jewelry and all other luxurious things for ourselves. Investing in a diamond could be a great idea though because I know you love those scintillating piece of gemstones, yes! But do you realize there are certain ways through which you can make your diamond look more beautiful and larger from its original size! Whenever you tend to buy diamond ring, you do keep only part of buying the diamond in your head which is the cost. People have a wrong myth in their mind which means that the diamond quality and appearance depends on the price of the gemstone, the appearance of the diamond not only depends on its amount but also depends on various other factors like, setting of the stone, a diamond’s cut and etc. There are certain ways of using these parts of a diamond ring which might help you in buying the right diamond for yourself! In case you want to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring, you can simply look out for things mentioned below and pick the diamond which looks larger in size like a pro! Check this out:

Pay attention to your diamonds clarity, the more you see your diamonds clarity the brighter and larger effect this would give to you as a ring. As they say the more it sparkles, the big it appears!

Look out for fancy diamond shapes; this also gives your diamond a unique and charming look! The different diamond cuts like square, rectangle, square, etc not also makes it look unique but also gives it a larger effect and wow! You end up buying diamond of as larger size!

You can also look out for Halo setting; this type of setting, the halo ring is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round pave or micro-pave diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). These pave stones flash with light and focus attention back on the center stone to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. This would make your gemstone look bigger!

Also opt for Platinum setting or white gold, because white gold or platinum will blend with and enhance a white diamond, making it appear larger. A yellow gold setting can throw a yellowish tint back onto the diamond.

Look for diamond enhancer; these are pieces of jewelry sold separately from your diamond ring or earrings. The earring enhancer is a thin halo setting the slides underneath your solitaire diamond earrings. Diamond enhancers for rings are essentially a cradle that you set your solitaire diamond ring into. It adds top and bottom interest to the solitaire, making the overall ring appear larger.

Choose a thin band for the ring, if you have a very small diamond ring; don't mix it with a very thick wedding band with larger scaled diamonds. Keep it thin and simple with small pave set diamonds.

One diamond on either side of a center diamond makes a beautiful engagement ring! Try it if you don’t trust me! If you want the main stone to appear larger in a three stone ring, have the accent stones be half the size of the main stone.

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