Monday, January 25, 2016

Inspect before you invest in Silver Wholesale Market

Silver is widely recognized as a good investment since ages; however, it is has turned into a wide range of diversified business over the years, from coins and bars and classic age ornaments, silver has also bounded itself with fashion jewelry. 

New consumers and business start ups that have no clues about the do's and don'ts of buying silver fashion jewelry should take a note about these 6 steps : 

1.  Always take delivery

Always take delivery- Jewellery Manufacturer India

Life cannot be so busy to check the quality of product you ordered. Faith is a good thing but being safer than sorry should be your Mantra. If you are one of those who like to stay away from hustle of marketing then you should check out Vogue Crafts & Designs amazing silver pendants collection. They are the most reliable online Silver Indian Pendants supplier in India.

2.  Buy wholesale for business and numismatics for fashion

Buy wholesale for business and numismatics for fashion jewellery manufacturer

If you are a fan of fashion jewelry then you don’t need to put all your eggs into one basket but same cannot be said for wholesale buyers. You should be more like a horse bred for long run. Vogue Crafts & Designs Pvt Ltd is an authentic Silver pendants wholesale supplier which offers great margins on prices and varieties in designs. 

3.   Buy Small then Large

Buy Small then Large Jewellery Manufacturer India

Ladies we all understand the attraction towards jewelry but if you are a new buyer you need to start small. You can’t bag the brightest thing your eyes pick. Be smart with your choice, start with small silver pendants to check the quality and return policy of the item you bought.

4.   Never buy anything you don’t “UNDERSTAND”

If you are new then you are like the little red riding hood and anyone can be a wolf in sheep’s skin. Don’t buy anything like exotic coin or modern items whose value or validity you don’t understand. There is a difference between curious and confused- Know your arena.

5.  Know your dealer

Know your dealer Jewellery Manufacturer india

BIG BIG BIG BAD WORLD!! Yes time and again keep reminding yourself, for whom you are opening your door. You don’t take a shirt offered by a naked man, so know your dealer because your parents were right “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

6.   Never Break The Law

Drop that Indian attitude of skimming off the cream when you are in the Silver Business. The justice department will catch up if you cross that decoded line. And silver doesn’t shine so bright behind the bars. 

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