Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 Unspoken Promises between a Girl and Her Bestie!

She’s the first person you run to – whether you’re having a great day, or the worst. She’s also the first one to know if you’re upset or just being irrational. You and your best friend are basically telepathic. One look at each other and you’ll know what the other one is thinking…functioning on the same level like two different strings on the same instrument. Boyfriends may come and go but she’s the one you wanna hold on to for dear life. Here are 10 unspoken promises between a girl and her bestie.

1. Promise to be each other’s reality checks whenever need be
Only your bestie will bring you back to earth if you’re flying too high and unreasonably so. Like the time you were head over heels in love with someone who wasn’t meant for you – and he broke your heart? Yup, pretty sure she had already warned you.
2. Nonetheless, always promise to be on each other’s teams
Whether she hates or likes whom you’re dating, she will always be on your side. And that will never change. Ever!
3. To never have to ask for advice…especially when you’re out shopping!
Because she’s already there picking out clothes for you and waiting right outside the trial room to critique how you look.
4. To always be each other’s wing-(wo)men!
The slightest hint of you noticing a guy at a crowded pub and developing a crush on him – and she will swoop in to help you get what you want. And if she fails, she’ll know the guy probably wasn’t worth it. :)
5. Promise to always tell each other the truth
Even if it hurts. She will never tell you a lie just to make you feel better.
6. If she dislikes someone or something, you promise to dislike them too!
Because that’s only the basic BFF rule. Duh! No questions asked. She probably hates someone because they did something to make her upset – and if they mess with her…they mess with you too!
7. To never judge each other…
She won’t judge you for downing an entire bottle of wine. And will take care of you even though she can barely stand straight herself. It’s like an endless game of Ringa Ringa Roses – “All fall down!!” :P
8. Promise to keep each other’s secrets safe!
She’s seen the best and the worst of you. She knows things about you that could probably get you grounded or even arrested – but she will never let those secrets out even if the sky falls upon her.
9. To always get each other pretty gifts on birthdays
You she had her eyes on Vogue Crafts website. As she really liked it’s clutches wholesale collection. It becomes your moral responsibility to pick out that extra cute beaded clutch and gift it to her.
10. Promise to always be each other’s shoulder to cry on
If it’s you PMSing or going through a genuinely difficult time and you need to cry…hers will be the only shoulder you need. She will always be there to console you and tell you that you’re amazing. And you’d do the same for her. Unspoken and unfailingly so. <3

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