Monday, March 28, 2016

Accessories and Women

One of the things I’ve noticed about fashionable women is that it’s not just their clothes that look great; their outfits are always punctuated with great accessories. Often great style is in the details. 
Like fashion itself, the shapes, silhouettes and colors of accessories change with the times. Usually the coolest new looks are the hardest to find, but that trendy handbag or fresh from the runway necklace style can be combined with older clothes to create an outfit that looks new and fresh.

Bags That Do More Than Hold Your Money
Purses don’t just hold the things you need, they complete your look. During the week I usually carry a basic black leather purse, but on the weekend I choose a purse based on what I’m wearing. A fun purse with interesting details can add some excitement to a simple outfit. A chic clutch bag can make jeans and a t-shirt look daring.

Anklets the new Funky Hook up
No, your pedicure is not enough anymore. In fact, the coolest hip trend today is wearing anklets with those open shoes that flaunt your sexy pedicure. Beads, studs, straps, color blocking, mesh, and jewels have all found their way to our feet. Personally I have a thing for braided beaded anklets.

Belts for All Ages
It seems that everyone has their own ideas about how to use belts. Some people wear them as necessity some purely as fashion. Some people tie them around the T-shirt making no sense of its invention but creating one hell of a fashion. Hence finding the right belt has become tougher than finding Nemo. Any way you are not here to count your problems but to fix them so Vogue Crafts and designs are India’s largest fashion accessories manufacturer you can find plenty potential fashion fix on their website.


Most women agree that jewelry should be a part of every outfit. I wear a lot of costume jewelry, but fine jewelry can be a statement as well. Some of the newer trends for early 2013 include artificial gold jewelry and colored diamonds. Examples of these trends can be found in every fashion magazine. Personally I don’t have much time to shop outside for things like fashion jewelry. Since I know my taste and wardrobe I like to order them online. Vogue Crafts being reliable fashion accessory manufacturers help a lot to keep my fashion quota updated.

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